Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Lineage

  1. Founder: Hayashizaki Jinsuke (or Junsuke) Shigenobu (noted in the Honcho Bugei Shoden): Muso Hayashizaki-ryu; Junshin-ryu
  2. Tamiya Heibei (or Hyobei) Shigemasa (or Narimasa) (founder of the Tamiya-ryu) (noted in the Honcho Bugei Shoden, Bujutsu Musoroku)
  3. Nagano Murakusai Nyudo Kinrosai
  4. Momo Gunbei (no Jo) Mitsushige
  5. Arikawa Shozaemon Munetsugu
  6. Banno Danemon no Jo Nobusada (Nobumasa)
  7. Hasegawa Chikaranosuke Eishin (Shigenobu). Considered the central figure in the development of the Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu.
  8. Arai Seitetsu Kiyonobu
  9. Hayashi Rokudaiyu Morimasa
  10. Hayashi Yasudaiyu Seisho
  11. Oguro Motoemon Kiyokatsu
  12. Hayashi Masu (Masa) no Jo Masanari (Seishi)
  13. Yoda (Manzai, Manzo, Sansho) Yorikatsu
  14. Hayashi Yadayu (Seiki) Masayori (Masataka)
  15. Tanimura Kame no Jo Yorikatsu (Sugio)
  16. Goto Magobei Masasuke (Seiryo)
  17. Oe Masamichi (Shikei – Created the current curriculum)
  18. Hokiyama Namio
  19. Fukui Harumasa Tekkotsu
  20. Kono Minoru Hyakuren
  21. Fukui Torao
  22. Ikeda Takashi Seiko

Iaido comes to Guelph, Ontario and Rochester, New York


  • 1983 – Kim Taylor does iaido for the first time with Mitsuzuki Takeshi in Amherst, MA at an Aikido camp.
  • 1987 – Kim starts teaching Bruce Morito a little bit, Bruce finds Ohmi sensei in Toronto. Ohmi sensei is reluctant to teach us but by persistance we succeed.
  • 1988 – Bill Mears came to Canada and met Goyo Ohmi, Steve Cruise (in Toronto), Kim Taylor, Carole Galligan, and Chris Noonan at the University of Guelph)
  • 1989 – Bill Mears made first ‘contact’ with Haruna sensei at Kenseikai seminar in Dartford England (Haruna, Oshita & Komaki). He was by himself and met Trevor Jones for the first time. Through Fujii sensei he asked Haruna sensei if he would come to Canada but he was VERY cagey (Fujii said Haruna didn’t know anyone but me and so was cautious). Bill received his Shodan. Bill had joined the CKF previously as guest Iaido instructor at the Hamilton Kendo Club possibly making him the first non-kendoka in the Canadian Kendo Federation (CKF).
  • 1990 – Bill returned to England for vacation and Kenseikai seminar (Haruna, Mano, Oshita & Komaki). Ohmi sensei flew over for his first ever trip to England (sponsored by Seidokai). Bill met him at the airport and took him up to seminar and there he met Haruna sensei. This was the start to bringing Haruna sensei to Canada (in 1991). Ohmi sensei was a huge success as guest translator! Ohmi sensei got Godan Bill got Nidan in London. This was the year that Doug Blue travelled to Canada searching for an Iaido instructor and met Ohmi sensei.
  • 1991 – Bill challenged & passed Sandan in Toronto under IKF/ BKA rules. The following January it was taken away by CKF and then reinstated the next December!!
  • Around this time, Doug met Bill Mears who became his mentor and eventually a mentor to all of us in the Ittokai who were fortunate enough to know him.
  • 1995-1996 – The Ittokai was formed. The first 7 members were Doug Blue, Clint Cross, Jim Robeson, Bob Anselm, Tim Smock, Mario DiGiambattista, and Jeremy Wyatt.
  • 1998 – Clint Cross, Jim Robeson, and Jeremy Wyatt received Shodan in December.
  • 2002 – Haruna sensei passed away in the early hours of Saturday September 14th. This was a great loss to all of us.
  • 2005 – Bill Mears passed away on the morning of June 20th. We miss you Bill.
  • 2005 – Clint received his Nidan ranking in December.
  • 2005 – Jorgenson and Ohmi Sensei create the “Affiliated Dojo Program”
  • 2007 – Clint received his Sandan ranking in December.
  • 2008 – Tak Furuta and Kevin Thibedeau received Shodan in May.
  • 2010 – Tak Furuta tests for Nidan
  • 2011 – Clint Cross successfully grades for Yondan at Guelph
  • 2012 – Clint Cross, Dojo Leader 2002 – 2012, takes on an Advisor role
  • 2012 – Tak Furuta becomes Dojo Leader
  • 2012 – Tak Furuta passes Sandan test
  • 2013 – IttoKai formally joins the AUSKF (All United States Kendo Federation)
  • 2014 – Mike Kamish and Craig Crobin passed Shodan grading at CKF Grading Toronto
  • 2014 – Dojo moves to new location in Pittsford, NY
  • 2014 – Cody Kroll took Kantosho 1st Dan AUSFK Nationals
  • 2014 – Cody Kroll passed Kyu at AUSKF Nationals
  • 2015 – Ittokai will celebrate its 20th Anniversary
  • 2015 – Tak Furuta took AUSKF 1st place Kishimoto Cup for 2nd-3rd Dan at 2015 AUSKF East Coast Iaido Championship
  • 2015 – Cody Kroll passes 1st Dan at the February 2015 AUSKF East Coast
  • 2015 – Cody Kroll took Kantosho 1st Dan AUSKF East Coast
  • 2015 – Tak Furuta took AUSKF 1st place Murosako Cup for 2nd-3rd Dan at 2015 AUSK Iaido Championship Nationals in San Jose, CA
  • 2015 – Tak Furuta successfully graded for Yondan
  • 2019 – Tak Furuta Sensei successfully graded for Godan